Soil, Environmental and Atmospheric Sciences (SEAS) faculty have a long history of recognized national leadership in several subdisciplines of research.

SEAS research programs are recognized nationally and internationally for their pioneering nature and productiveness. Currently, the department's research attracts about $800,000 of outside support per year in the form of grants and contracts. Faculty publish heavily in professional journals, and many faculty members receive recognition for their accomplishments.

Some research areas include:

  • Conservation and management of soil and water resources.
  • Global climate change and long-range forecasting.
  • Pedology, genesis of landscapes and ecosystem dynamics.
  • Soil chemistry and biology of terrestrial ecosystems.
  • Long-term ecological monitoring.
  • Micrometeorology in forested and agricultural landscapes.

In addtion, graduate degree programs are thesis-dissertation programs, and each graduate student participates in a chosen area of research.