John J. Yang

John J. Yang, Ph.D.

Associate Adjunct Professor
Soil Environmental Chemistry
  • Phone: 573-681-5383
  • E-mail: yangj@lincolnu.edu
  • Address: 310 Foster Hall, Lincoln University, Jefferson City, Mo.


  • Ph.D. 1995, University of Missouri


  • Chemistry of metal contaminants.
  • Environmental risk assessment.
  • Soil and water remediation.
  • Soil-plant interactions.

Research Summary

  • Research interests are primarily environmental chemistry aspects of soil-plant-contaminant interactions in terrestrial ecosystems and in the context of specie transformation, environmental fate, risk assessment and remediation. Recent activities have focused on in situ metal immobilization for exposure and ecological risk reduction in contaminated soils; aqueous metal removal by chemically-modified activated carbon and nano-structured carbon tubes; plant species-specific rhizodegradation of munitions explosives; application of fluorescent emission spectroscopy for water quality assessment; and development of micro-chip sensor array for studying rhizosphere interactions.

Selected Publications

  • Hua, B., Yang J., Deng, B.L. 2007.
    Radioactive Waste Management Review. Water Environmental Research 79 (10): 1903-1928.
  • Yang, J. 2007.
    Soluble phosphate treatment for in-situ lead immobilization and risk reductions in contaminated urban soil. Proceeding of the Principle and Application of Risk-Based Land Management. CRS, Australia. pp. 39-45.
  • Vaughan, Jr., Yang, J., R.L., Reed, B.E. 2007.
    Characterization and Surface Acidity Modeling of an Iron Oxide Impregnated Activated Carbon. J. Absorption Sci. and Technol. 25 (5): 295-310.
  • Yang, J., Y. L. Li, C. L. Zhang, and B. L. Deng. 2007.
    In-situ formation of pyromorphite from labile lead minerals. Land Contam. Reclam. 5 (4): 453-458.
  • Yang J., X. Tang. 2007.
    Water quality and ecotoxocity as influenced by phosphate treatments in metal-contaminated soil and mining wastes. Environ. Monitor. Restor. 3: 21-33.
  • Gu, Z. M., B. L. Deng, Yang, J. 2007.
    Synthesis and evaluation of iron-containing ordered mesoporous carbons (FeOMC) for arsenic adsorption. Microporous and Mesoporous Materials. 102: 265-273.
  • Hua, B., B. L. Deng, and J. Yang. 2007.
    Incorporation of chromate into calcite structure during coprecipitation. Water, Air & Soil Pollution. 179:381-390.
  • Yang, J., R. M. Hu. R. C. Bu. 2006.
    Microscale spatial variability of redox potential in surface soil. Soil Sci. J. 171:10:747-753.
  • Yang, J., and D.E. Mosby 2006.
    Field assessment of treatment efficacy by three methods of phosphoric acid application in lead contaminated urban soil. Sci. Total Environ. 366:136-142.
  • Li, Y., Zhang C. L., Vali H., Yang, J., and Palumbo A. V. 2006.
    Reduction of iron oxides enhanced by a sulfate-reducing bacterium and biogenic H2S. Geomicrobiology. 23:103-117.

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