Patrick S. Market, Ph.D.

Patrick S. Market, Ph.D.

Undergraduate Degree Program Coordinator

  • Phone: 573-882-1496
  • E-mail: MarketP@missouri.edu
  • Address: 302 Anheuser-Busch Natural Resources Building


  • B.S. 1994, Millersville Univ. of Penn., Earth Science (Meteorology)
  • M.S.(R) 1996, St. Louis University, Meteorology
  • Ph.D. 1999, St. Louis University, Meteorology

Research Summary

  • Areas of interest are in synoptic and mesoscale dynamics. In particular, the morphology and evolution of extratropical cyclones, jet streak-frontal interactions, heavy rainfall and snowfall forecasting and precipitation efficiency are primary research areas. Related interests include aviation meteorology and severe local storms. Those areas of study wherein a significant impact may be made on the operational weather forecasting process are of greatest interest.


  • ATMS-1100, Introductory Meteorology
  • ATMS-4710, Synoptic Meteorology I
  • ATMS-4720, Synoptic Meteorology II
  • ATMS-4990, Daily Weather Analysis and Forecast Interpretation
  • ATMS-7050, Fundamentals of Meteorology
  • ATMS-7400, Micrometeorology
  • ATMS-7350, Mesoscale Meteorology and Dynamics
  • ATMS-8700, Adv. Synoptic Meteorology
  • ATMS-8800, Numerical Weather Prediction

Selected Publications

  • Lupo, A.R., D. Albert, R. Hearst, P.S. Market, and C.L. Allmeyer, 2005.
    Interannual variability of snowfall events and snowfall-to-liquid water equivalents in southwest Missouri. Nat. Wea. Dig. (In press.)
  • Podzimek, J., and P.S. Market, 2004.
    Morphological parameters of snow crystals collected at the ground in the Midwestern United States. Transactions of the Missouri Academy of Science, 38, 37-51.
  • Market, P.S., 2004.
    Using Geowriting in a meteorology curriculum. Blueline, 37 (2), 9-10.
  • Lupo, A.R., P.S. Market, F.A. Aky ь z, P.E. Guinan, J.E. Lam, A.M. Oravetz, and W.C. Maune, 2003.
    The Columbia, Missouri, Heat Island Experiment (COHIX): The influence of a small city on local surface temperature distributions and implications for local forecasts. Electronic Journal of Operational Meteorology.
  • Lupo, A.R., and P.S. Market, 2003.
    First conference on Weather Analysis and Forecasting Issues in the Central United States. Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., 84 , 1245-1247.
  • Market, P.S., S.N. Allen, R. Scofield, R. Kuligowski, A. Gruber, 2003.
    Precipitation efficiency of warm-season Midwestern mesoscale convective systems. Wea. Forecasting, 18, 1273-1285.
  • Halcomb, C.E., and P.S. Market, 2003.
    Forcing, instability, and equivalent potential vorticity in a Midwestern U.S. convective snowstorm. Meteor. Apps. , 10 , 273- 280.
  • Market, P.S., C.E. Halcomb, and R.L. Ebert, 2002.
    A climatology of thundersnow events over the contiguous United States. Wea. Forecasting, 17 , 1290-1295.
  • Lupo, A.R., and P.S. Market, 2002.
    The verification of weather forecasts in central Missouri and seasonal variations in forecast accuracy. Wea. Forecasting, 17 , 891-897.
  • Market, P.S., and D. Cissell, 2002.
    Formation of a sharp snow gradient in a Midwestern heavy snow event. Wea. Forecasting, 17 , 723-738.
  • Market, P.S., S.N. Allen, C.E. Halcomb, M.D. Chambers, C.W. Ratley, B. Bailey, N. Mikulas, L. Pacini, M. Stueve, S. Thompson, and A. Kunz, 2001.
    Convective initiation within a warm sector cloud band. Elec. J. Oper. Meteor., found at http://www.nwas.org/ej/.
  • Market, P.S., J.T. Moore, and S.M. Rochette, 2000.
    On calculating vertical motion in isentropic coordinates. Nat. Wea. Dig., Vol. 24, No. 4, 31-37.
  • Lupo, A.R., P.S. Market, S.E. Mudrick, C.W. Ratley, M.D. Chambers, and C.C. Rayburn, 2000.
    An analysis of a long-lived MCV observed over the Southern Plains using potential vorticity diagnostics. Nat. Wea. Dig. Vol. 24, No. 3, 1-10.

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