Frieda Eivazi, Ph.D.

Frieda Eivazi, Ph.D.

Adjunct Associate Professor
Soil Science


  • Ph.D. 1980, Iowa State University


  • Conservation tillage/long-term management and land use on soil and water quality
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Remediation of contaminated soils
  • Soil enzymes and nutrient cycling

Research Summary

  • Research interests are primarily focused on the behavior of selected surfactants in soils to evaluate their interactions with physiochemical and microbial properties. Knowledge of the natural evolution of microorganisms in the soil is crucial to the study of the fate of these chemicals and bioremediation design schemes. Surfactants can affect microbial enzyme activity, stability and/or specificity to positively or negatively affect their role in nutrient cycling and fertility in the soil environment. The most effective method of application of surfactants to soil would depend, in part, upon the adsorption isotherms of the surfactant by the soil.

Selected Publications

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  • Eivazi, F., M. R. Bayan, and K. Schmidt. 2003.
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