Soil, Environmental and Atmospheric Sciences Faculty

Stephen Anderson

Stephen H. Anderson, Ph.D.

William A. Albrecht Distinguished Professor of Soil and Environmental Sciences
Environmental Soil Physics
Graduate Coordinator, SEAS


  • Ph.D. 1985, North Carolina State University


  • Soil physics, X-ray tomography of soil systems

Research Description

Anderson's primary research interests include evaluation of soil management effects on soil hydraulic properties, development of X-ray computed tomography and microtomography techniques for assessment of pore-scale soil properties and processes, and utilizing simulation models to evaluate effectiveness of conservation practices at the watershed scale. Soil properties evaluated with X-ray tomography include macropore and mesopore size distributions and characteristics, pore continuity, and pore tortuosity--all critically important for transport of water, air and solutes in soil systems. Fractal and fuzzy logic techniques are applied to quantify pore-scale variability of biopores.


  • Environmental Science/Civil Engineering 3250, Pollutant Fate and Transport
  • Environmental Science/Soil Science 4305/7305, Environmental Soil Physics
  • Environmental Science/Soil Science 4306/7306, Environmental Soil Physics Laboratory
  • Environmental Science/Natural Resources 4320/7320, Hydrologic and Water Quality Modeling
  • Biological Engineering 4350/7350/Civil Engineering 4720/7720, Watershed Modeling Using GIS
  • Environmental Science/Soil Science 8400, Transport in the Vadose Zone
  • Plant Science 4355/7355, Advanced Turfgrass Management

Selected Publications

  • Adhikari, P., R.P. Udawatta, and S.H. Anderson. 2014. Soil thermal properties under prairies, conservation buffers and corn/soybean land use systems. Soil Science Society of America Journal 78:1977-1986.
  • Anderson, S.H., D.J. Heinze, and R.L. Peyton. 2014. Computed tomography-estimated transport velocity and chemical dispersivity in undisturbed geomedia. Computer Science 36:643-648.
  • Anderson, S.H.. 2014. Tomography-measured macropore parameters to estimate hydraulic properties of porous media. Computer Science 36:649-654.
  • Ma, Y., X. Zheng, S.H. Anderson, J. Lu, and X. Feng. 2014. Diesel oil volatilization processes affected by selected porous media. Chemosphere 99:192-198.
  • Senaviratne, G.M.M.M.A., R.P. Udawatta, S.H. Anderson, C. Baffaut, and A.L. Thompson. 2014. Use of fuzzy rainfall-runoff predictions for claypan watersheds with conservation buffers in Northeast Missouri. Journal of Hydrology 517:1008-1018.
  • Senaviratne, G.M.M.M.A., R.P. Udawatta, C. Baffaut, and S.H. Anderson. 2014. Evaluation of a stepwise, multiobjective, multivariable parameter optimization method for the APEX model. Journal of Environmental Quality 43:1381-1391.
  • Anderson, S.H., and J.W. Hopmans. 2013. Soil-water-root processes: Advances in tomography and imaging. 304 pp. Soil Science Society of America Special Publication 61, Madison, Wisconsin.
  • Anderson, S.H., H.J. Shieh, and R.L. Peyton. 2013. Chemical transport in undisturbed soils estimated using transfer function models. Computer Science 20:189-194.
  • Chu, B., K.W. Goyne, S.H. Anderson, C.H. Lin, and R.N. Lerch. 2013. Sulfamethazine sorption to soil: Vegetative management, pH, and dissolved organic matter effects. Journal of Environmental Quality 42:794-805.
  • Chu, B., S.H. Anderson, K.W. Goyne, C.H. Lin, and R.N. Lerch. 2013. Sulfamethazine transport in agroforestry and cropland soils. Vadose Zone Journal 12(2):1-14.
  • Follis, C.C., S.H. Anderson, E.H. Ervin, and B.S. Fresenburg. 2013. Assessment of rootzone mixes with inorganic and organic amendments for athletic fields. International Turfgrass Society Research Journal 12:633-639.
  • Senaviratne, G.M.M.M.A., R.P. Udawatta, C. Baffaut, and S.H. Anderson. 2013. Agricultural Policy Environmental eXtender simulation of three adjacent row-crop watersheds in the claypan region. Journal of Environmental Quality 42: 726-736.
  • Anderson, S.H., B. Haeffner, and R.L. Peyton. 2012. Influence of scale on chemical dispersivity in geomedia. Computer Science 12:242-247.
  • Kumar, S., S.H. Anderson, R.P. Udawatta, and R.L. Kallenbach. 2012. Water infiltration influenced by agroforestry and grass buffers for a grazed pasture system. Agroforestry Systems 84:325-335.
  • Mudgal, A., C. Baffaut, S.H. Anderson, E.J. Sadler, N.R. Kitchen, K.A. Sudduth, and R.N. Lerch. 2012. Using APEX to develop and validate physically-based indices for the delineation of critical management areas. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 67:284-299.
  • Paudel, B.R., R.P. Udawatta, R.J. Kremer, and S.H. Anderson. 2012. Soil quality indicator responses to row crop, grazed pasture, and agroforestry buffer management. Agroforestry Systems 84:311-323.
  • Udawatta, R.P., C.J. Gantzer, S.H. Anderson, A.M. Rossi, R.C. Graham, and R.A. Ketcham. 2012. Analysis of three-dimensional geometrical pore parameters from rock weathering. Soil Science 177:506-516.
  • Anderson, S.H. 2011. Claypan and its environmental effects. p. 122-125. In Jan Glinski, JСѓzef Horabik, Jerzy Lipiec (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Agrophysics, Springer.
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  • Kumar, S., R.P. Udawatta, S.H. Anderson, and A. Mudgal. 2011. APEX model simulation of runoff and sediment losses for grazed pasture watersheds with agroforestry buffers. Agroforestry Systems 83:51-62.
  • Lee, S.S., C.J. Gantzer, A.L. Thompson, and S.H. Anderson. 2011. Polyacrylamide efficacy for reducing soil erosion and runoff as influenced by slope. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 66:172-177.
  • O’Donnell, T.K., K.W. Goyne, R.J. Miles, C. Baffaut, S.H. Anderson, and K.A. Sudduth. 2011. Determination of representative elementary areas for soil redoximorphic features identified by digital image processing. Geoderma 161:138-146.
  • Paudel, B.R., R.P. Udawatta, and S.H. Anderson. 2011. Agroforestry and grass buffer effects on soil quality parameters for grazed pasture and row-crop systems. Applied Soil Ecology 48:125-132.
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