SNR Graduate Programs in the Top Ten

Published March 2007
Story Source: Christine Tew

The University of Missouri recently recognized their top ten graduate programs for productivity, including the Forestry and Fisheries and Wildlife programs.

The faculty and graduate students in The School of Natural Resources received recognition for accomplishments in the last year.

Not only are students in the school publishing their research, but they are receiving recognition in some of the most prestigious peer-reviewed journals, said Rose-Marie Muzika, associate professor of forestry and graduate adviser.

The statistical firm Academic Analytics judges each program with percentage scores based on criteria including publications, grants and awards.

"A former master’s student of mine, Steven Volker, published a paper with me and Dr. Guyette (MU Professor of Forestry) as authors in the Ecological Monograph journal," Muzika said. "Ecological Monographs is one of the highest, most selective journals, certainly in ecology."

Ecological Monographs is published by the Ecological Society of America and focuses on complex research topics explained in 50 or more manuscript pages.

Publications count as 60 percent of the score and grants as 30 percent, according to Academic Analytics. Awards make up the last ten percent of the criteria.