Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences Undergraduate Scholarships

F&W Students,

It is time to complete and turn in your application for next year's F&W scholarships.

The deadline is 5 p.m., March 21, 2016. (FIRM)

Save the application as a Word doc, enter information, and send application, essay, and resume as a single document to to Janice Faaborg, We will access your transcripts from myZou.

The Department of Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences awards about 15 scholarships each year, ranging from a possible ~$6,000 for the largest to about $200 for the smallest, with some based on scholastic achievement and others based on need, talent or potential.

Some scholarships have very specific requirements, including class rank, GPA, and extracurricular activities. Some require an up-to-date FAFSA, and some even have narrow residence preferences, which automatically exclude many students from consideration, regardless of GPA or other qualifications, so try not to be discouraged when the announcements are made. You might qualify the following year.

The 500-750-word (2-3 pages double spaced) essay is a critical component of the application. See application for details.

The Charles Schwartz Art Scholarship, potentially $4000, is awarded for wildlife art. If you have an artistic talent, show it off. This gift has been awarded to a wide range of media, including photography, watercolor paintings, sculpture, and even jewelry. Please present your artwork in a professional format – no loose photos or unlabeled work. For instance, 1–4 of your finest photos matted or framed is preferable to an entire photo album of pictures. The recipient of this award has the honor of designing the scholarship bulletin board outside room 303-S. Original artwork may be incorporated into the design.

Make sure your resume is worded and arranged professionally. For some specific ideas and guidelines please see the CAFNR website,, Hire Mizzou Tigers or google "scientific resumes" for examples to follow.

Best of Luck,

The Scholarship Committee

List of Scholarships

Wilbur H. Allen Memorial Scholarship

Mrs. Elizabeth Allen
Year Established: 1986
Amount Awarded: Number and amount dependent on income generated by endowment. Award to be used to cover tuition, fees and $150 book allowance. Maximum award = 2 semesters of support.
Stipulations: Fulltime F&W major with 3.0 cum GPA or above. Preference given to Missouri residents. Available for two semesters if student keeps 3.0 GPA.

"We would like you to know something about H. Wilbur Allen, the man in whose memory the scholarship was donated. Wilbur Allen, a natural hunter, fisherman, and conservationist, was able to visualize the need for thoughtful preservation of fish and wildlife. These ideals, coupled with his mechanical abilities, led him to revolutionize the archery industry with his invention of the compound bow. As a youth, he displayed creative aptitude for mechanics ... in woodworking he constructed wooden toys, a mandolin and his own longbows and arrows: in metalworking, small steam engines and hand tools. Employment in several areas of industry gave him the business skills he could later use in his own corporation.

Mr. Allen was manufacturing small wire products at the time he invented the compound bow. As the bow grew in popularity, it became evident that it would soon require all of his time. Expansion of his business led to the need for specialized tooling, which he designed and built for himself. Patented in 1969, the compound bow has been accepted as a standard of the industry.  This consequently reflects the ingenuity and capability of its inventor, Wilbur Allen.

He had never forgotten when, as a boy, he saw the fields where he hunted rabbits turned into concrete roads and tall buildings. This commercial change in the environment gave him an appreciation of land for hunting and streams for fishing, the enjoyment of nature.

It is important to him and it should be to all of us."

-- the Allen Family

Richard M. Graham Memorial Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Carter Graham
Year Established:  1981
Amount Awarded: 1 award of $750 per semester
Stipulations: Sophomore standing with at least a 2.5 cum GPA.

Charles & Elizabeth Schwartz Scholarship in Wildlife

Mrs. Elizabeth Schwartz
Year Established: 1991
Amount Awarded: 2 scholarships. Amount dependent on income generated by endowment (has ranged between $1,000-$4,000 each)
Stipulations: 2/3 of the total amount for a student studying or specializing in wildlife art (portfolio required), 1/3 of the amount for a student with a "promising potential for achievement in the field of wildlife."

Donald P. Duncan Scholarship Fund

Dr. Donald Duncan
Year Established: 1993
Amount Awarded: one or more scholarships of at least $500 per year (1 award for F&W and Forestry each year)
Stipulations: Full-time sophomore F&W student with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher with an indication of financial need.

Baskett Scholarship

Mrs. Thomas Baskett
Year Established: 1997
Amount: $2,500 in 2004
Stipulations: To be distributed to one or more F&W majors with a 3.0 GPA or higher.

Safari Club

Year Established: 2000 (not endowed)
Amount: 2 scholarships of $750 each
Stipulations: Must be a hunter.

Pheasants Forever-St. Louis Chapter

Year Established: 2001 (not endowed)
Amount: 3 scholarships: 1 for $1,500 and 2 for $750
Stipulations: Junior or senior F&W students, preference given to eastern Missouri residents.  2.75 cum GPA, required for the $750 awards. 3.25 cum GPA required for the $1,500 award.

Natural Resources Educational Scholarship

Year Established: 2001
Amount: $1,000
Stipulations: 2.75 Cum GPA and financial need.

Kahrs-Miller Aquaculture for the Future Endowment

For undergraduate or graduate students in Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences program and/or in the Agricultural Economics Department in the Division of Applied Social Sciences. Selection based on leadership abilities, academic achievement, innovative talent and dedication to aquaculture industry or fisheries management in Missouri.

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