Shibu Jose

Shibu Jose, Ph.D.

Professor and Director
The School of Natural Resources

Agroforestry Systems


  • Ph.D. 1997, Purdue University


  • Ecological sustainability, agroforestry

Research Summary

  • Jose's research has the overarching goal of identifying and quantifying key ecological processes and interactions that define ecological sustainability. He examines how resource availability (light, water, nutrients, carbon) and disturbances (e.g. management interventions, fire, exotic invasions) influence ecosystem structure and function in agroforests, natural forests and plantation forests. He uses the ecological information in designing agroforestry systems and restoring degraded and damaged ecosystems. Over the past 20 years, Jose and his research team have conducted studies in the U.S., Australia, Costa Rica, Belize, Bangladesh and India.

Selected Publications

  • Udawatta, R.P., Nelson, K., Jose, S., and Motavalli, P. 2013. Temporal and spatial yield differences in a silver maple alley cropping system. Agronomy Journal (in press)
  • Sharma, A.*, Bohn, K., Jose, S., Cropper W. 2013. Converting even-aged stands to uneven-aged stands: A simulation analysis of silvicultural regimes. Forest Science (provisionally accepted)
  • Bunyan, M.,* Bardhan, S.* Aditya, S., and Jose, S. 2013. Effect of topography on the distribution of tropical montane forest fragments: A predictive modeling approach. Journal of Tropical Forest Science (in press)
  • Sharma, A.*, Bohn, K., Jose, S., Miller, D.L. 2013. Seed bank dynamics along a restoration gradient in pine flatwoods ecosystems of the Gulf Coastal Plain of Florida.
  • Bardhan, S.*, Jose, S. Udawatta, R. Fritschi, F. 2013. Microbial community diversity in a 21-year-old temperate alley cropping system. Agroforestry Systems 87:1031–1041
  • Motavalli, P., Nelson, K., Udawatta, R., Jose, S. and Bardhan, S.* 2013. Global achievements on sustainable land management. International Soil and Water Conservation Research Journal 1:1-10 (invited)
  • Kukrety, S.*, Jose, S. and Alavalapati, J.R.R. 2013. Exploring stakeholders’ perceptions with Analytic Hierarchy Process – A Case study of Red Sanders (Pterocarpus santalinus L.) restoration in India. Restoration Ecology 21: 777–784
  • Morgan, M.* and Jose, S. 2013. Increasing seed germination of Bursera graveolens, a promising tree for the restoration of tropical dry forests. Tree Planters’ Notes 56:74-83
  • Kukrety, S.*, Dwivedi, P., Jose, S. and Alavalapati, J.R.R. 2013. Stakeholders' perceptions on developing sustainable Red Sanders (Pterocarpus santalinus L.) wood trade in Andhra Pradesh, India. Forest Policy and Economics 26:43-53
  • Hagan, D.*, Jose, S., Bohn, K., and Escobedo, F. 2013. Cogongrass (Imperata cylindrica) invasion and eradication: implications for soil nutrient dynamics in a longleaf pine sandhill ecosystem. Invasive Plant Science and Management 6:433-443
  • Hagan, D.*, Jose, S., and Lin C.H. 2013. Novel rhizosphere chemistry of cogongrass: implications for the performance of native pine savanna species in the Southeastern US. Journal of Chemical Ecology (Cover article) 39:312-322
  • Henderson D.* and Jose, S. 2013. Nutrient use efficiency of three fast growing hardwood species across a resource gradient. Open Journal of Forestry 2:187-199
  • Kukrety, S.*, Gezan, S., Jose, S. and Alavalapati, J.R.R. 2013. Facilitating establishment of advance regeneration of Pterocarpus santalinus L.-An endangered tree species from India. Restoration Ecology 21:372-379
  • Stehn, S., Jenkins, M.A., Webster C., Jose, S. 2013. Regeneration responses to exogenous disturbance gradients in southern Appalachian Picea-Abies forests. Forest Ecology and Management 289:98-105 83:101-266

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