Forestry Extension

Are you one of Missouri’s 350,000 private citizens who own forestland?

Your forest is valuable not just from a timber perspective, but from an ecosystem perspective providing such things as habitat for various wildlife communities, fresh air and clean water.

Like any valuable asset, your forest needs your active involvement if you want it to "grow". Whether managing trees in the back forty or the back yard, become competent and connected through Forestry Extension. Join our ad-free social network at

Forestry Education

Whether you are a forest landowner seeking educational classes, a teacher looking for ways to integrate forestry in the classroom, a student wanting to explore the world of forestry, or simply a curious individual wanting some quick facts about Missouri's forests, this section will help you get started! More


This is the spot for those who want to print out hard copies of general interest articles and 'How to' guide sheets to share with family and friends. More

Forest Health

Today it is the emerald ash borer, tomorrow? This section will help you stay on top of the latest exotic invasive pests threatening Missouri's forests and urban landscapes. More

Wood Energy

Learn the basic ways wood can be converted into energy; find out what wood energy enterprises are being undertaken around the state; and how foresters are ensuring that it is being done in a sustainable manner. More

Carbon Markets

Carbon Markets are currently in a state of flux. Landowners should proceed cautiously. More

Landowner Assistance

Valuable links to various Federal, state, and private organizations that stand ready to assist you in managing your property to meet your objectives. More

Community & Urban Forestry

Learn how to select and care for trees in urban landscapes. More