Organizations and Clubs

Want to have fun and develop your leadership skills and professional contacts at the same time? Then join one or more of the School of Natural Resources' student clubs and organizations. Each gives you the opportunity to apply what you’re learning in the classroom while making lifelong friends.

  • SNR AmbassadorsSNR Student Ambassadors serve the School by representing SNR at recruiting and alumni events, planning public relations activities and contacting prospective students to offer the student viewpoint into what SNR has to offer. SNR Student Ambassadors have the opportunity to network with alumni, faculty and professionals in the field; graduate with Ambassador Recognition; develop public speaking skills; develop leadership skills and get to know other SNR students. SNR Student Ambassadors are selected through an application and interview process.

Fisheries and Wildlife

    F.A.S.S. club
  • Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Society (F.A.S.S.) is a student organization whose goal is to promote interaction and activities that allow members interested in aquatic sciences to develop professionally and to involve members in matters important to the preservation, conservation and enhancement of aquatic resources in Missouri. F.A.S.S. is dedicated to helping future fisheries and aquatic professionals expand their horizons. In the past, F.A.S.S. has had guest speakers from the Missouri Department of Conservation, the Columbia Environmental Research Center, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the University. We have held workshops for our members as well, such as fish identification and water quality training. F.A.S.S. is stream team #442, and does annual volunteer water quality monitoring. We conduct workshops for other students, attend conferences, and have outdoor activities such as canoe trips. We are the official student subunit of the Missouri American Fisheries Society as well as the American Fisheries Society.

    School of Natural Resources
    124 ABNR, 573-882-1730
    Web site: Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Society

  • Wildlife SocietyWildlife Society provides its members with opportunities to participate in many outreach and education activities. Members visit local schools to teach children about the importance of conservation. The Society hosts the annual Dunmire lecture, which features a prominent figure in conservation, and participates in the Adopt-a-Highway program. Fundraisers support field trips to events such as Conclave, a gathering of similar groups from other campuses in the region.

    School of Natural Resources
    124 ABNR, 573-882-1730

  • Tigers for TigersMizzou Tigers for Tigers was organized at the University of Missouri in 1999 as the nation's first tiger mascot conservation program. Faculty, staff, students and alumni from the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, Fisheries and Wildlife, the College of Veterinary Medicine, Journalism, Biological Sciences, Environmental Studies, International Center, University Affairs, Alumni Relations, Development and Intercollegiate Athletics work together to ensure that there will be wild tigers as long as there are Mizzou Tigers.

    School of Natural Resources
    124 ABNR, 573-882-1730


  • Forestr ClubForestry Club gives students a chance to learn more about forestry and related activities. It is open to students of all majors. Activities include annual old-time logging event competition and Christmas Tree sales. We operate our own Christmas Tree Farm and offer scholarships to students from funds generated by tree sales. Club members also enjoy other events, such as an annual float trip, softball games, barbecues, etc.

    School of Natural Resources
    124 ABNR, 573-882-1730

  • Society of American Foresters student chapter provides its members with the opportunity to interact with forestry professionals, to discuss current topics in the field and to learn more about possible career options.
  • Forestry Graduate Student Association

Parks, Recreation and Tourism

  • Student Parks, Recreation and Tourism Association (SPRTA) members have opportunities to interact and develop contacts with industry professionals, to discuss current topics in the field, and to learn more about possible career options. Throughout the year, SPRTA special events and activities allow members to interact and grow personally, professionally and academically.
  • Rho Phi Lambda was initiated to recognize superior parks, recreation and tourism students, encourage professional standards within the leisure field, stimulate personal development, cultivate and foster a sentiment of amity among students and to recognize persons who have made outstanding contributions to the field of Parks, Recreation and Tourism. Requirements for induction include a GPA above a 3.0, a major GPA above a 3.2, and 45 credit hours completed.

Atmospheric, Environmental and Soil Sciences

Stream clean-up
  • Environmental Science Club is open to all environmental science students who are interested in learning more about important local , national and international environmental issues and careers in environmental science. The Club organizes informational events, encourages networking and career development, and is actively involved in projects to clean up the environment and raise awareness of environmental issues.

  • Meteorology Club serves as a meeting place for atmospheric sciences students where they can learn and socialize outside the classroom. Anyone with an interest in meteorology can join the club. The club has speakers at monthly meetings who discuss all aspects of meteorology including broadcasting, forecasting and research. In addition, members raise money for the club by working at concession stands at games, and producing and selling a weather calendar. They also go on various field trips, attend conferences, and have a variety of social activities.

    School of Natural Resources
    124 ABNR, 573-882-1730

  • TornadoMizzou Storm Chase Team provides its members with a chance to add a real-world dimension to their classroom experience by observing and tracking severe weather, including tornadic activity, in the field as it occurs. Participation on the team is open only to students in the Atmospheric Science program.
  • Soil and Water Conservation Society members have opportunities to interact and develop contacts with soil science professionals, to discuss current topics in the field, and to learn more about possible career options. Members also can join the Soil Judging Team, which participates in regional and national competitions sponsored by the Soil Science Society of America.

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