School of Natural Resources Faculty

Jeffrey Wood

Jeffrey D. Wood, Ph.D.

Assistant Research Professor


  • Ph.D. 2013, University of Guelph


  • Surface-atmosphere mass and energy exchanges
  • Carbon, nitrogen and water cycles in natural and managed systems
  • Gas emissions

Research Summary

Wood's research focuses on the exchanges of mass and energy between the biosphere and atmosphere. There is specific emphasis on better understanding the factors controlling fluxes of carbon, water and nitrogen between natural or managed systems and the atmosphere. Current research efforts are directed towards improving constraints on canopy photosynthesis and respiration in forest systems and relations with ecosystem water status.

Selected Publications

  • Griffis, T.J., J.D. Wood, J.M. Baker, X. Lee, K. Xiao, Z. Chen, L.R. Welp, N.M. Schulz, G. Gorski, M. Chen, J. Nieber. 2016. Investigating the source, transport, and isotope composition of water vapor in the planetary boundary layer. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 16:5139–5157.
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  • Wood, J.D., A.C. VanderZaag, C. Wagner-Riddle, E.L. Smith and R.J. Gordon. 2014. Gas emissions from liquid dairy manure: complete versus partial storage emptying. Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems, 99:95–105.
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